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Membership in AzAMP helps keep you educated and well-informed on everything happening in the mortgage industry. 

Get involved, take control and help steer the industry into the future!

Beginnin g...

Beginning in the early 1940’s mortgage companies began to established.  In the early years  depository banks and savings and loan associations dominated the mortgage market.  However, bank loan lending criteria were limited and not standardized.  For  persons  who  did  not  meet  bank criteria, private lenders made  first  and  second  mortgages.   

Business thrived.   As the market evolved, so did the need for legislation. Organizations also began to form throughout the country out of need for a voice in in this new legislation.   Florida worked with its legislature to create the first mortgage brokering act written in the United States.  Arizona's the first mortgage broker act went into effect in 1972. 

The late ‘60s and early ‘70s brought national reform to the industry.  The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Truth in Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act all became law.  Government sponsored enterprises, created by Congress in the early 70s, were authorized to invest in   mortgages   and   funds   were   raised   through   the   sale   of   mortgage   backed securities.   Prior to that time the Government National Mortgage Association, who administered the FHA programs, was the major source of mortgage funding.

Our Beginning...

Arizona’s early years were riddled with strife dealing with unscrupulous lenders.  There were struggles with efforts by another group to organize in the mortgage industry in the Phoenix area.  Unfavorable bond requirements were imposed by the state legislature, and, worst of all, was the bad publicity due to criminal activity by some brokers.   

A group of reputable brokers formed to collectively create a positive influence.  In August 1980, David Lyle and Mark Ross – Mortgage Brokers in Tucson – started the Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers (AAMB).  They formed AAMB and stayed the course to work with the legislature and the press to cure the misconceptions that all brokers were corrupt.  AAMB was instrumental in helping lawmakers understand the role of brokers in the financial landscape as well as meeting the needs of consumers in a way that was advantageous for all parties.

In December 2009, in keeping with the changing landscape, the name of AAMB was amended to Arizona Association of Mortgage Professionals (AzAMP).

Minimum loan size, bond requirements, education requirements and, licensing of loan originators are just a few examples of the direct involvement of members of AzAMP.   Many individual brokers have spent countless hours working to preserve the rights of lending professionals to do business in a way that is not only beneficial to them but to consumers.  Countless Bills that would overburden the mortgage industry have been quashed through “Calls to Action” by AzAMP. Through all this we have formed a close relationship with the Arizona mortgage industry regulator, Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (DFI).   DFI has great respect for AzAMP and its members.   They have asked for our support and input on many occasions.

The work is never ending.  AzAMP is constantly looking for ways to protect brokers legislatively and to enhance the benefits provided an association. But, it is your responsibility as a member to accept the torch when it is passed to you.  Each and every member of the Association plays a key and important part in the success of our industry.   Remember one voice is not nearly as loud as the collective voices of you and your peers working toward a common goal.

Past Presidents of AzAMP

Mark Ross   -   Tucson 
AAMB 1980 - 1981, 1988
Founder & Charter Member
Current Member

Sam Morey   -   Tucson
AAMB 1982
Charter Member

David Lyle    -   Tucson
AAMB 1983, 1985, 1986
Founder & Charter Member

Mike Figuroa   -   Tucson
AAMB 1984

Joe Paonessa   -   Phoenix
AAMB 1987

Paul Randall   -   Phoenix
AAMB 1989
Current Member

Marjorie Lewis   -   Tucson
AAMB 1990
Charter Member

Scott Gaffney   -   Phoenix
AAMB 1991
Current Member

Bill Anastopoulos   -   Tucson
AAMB 1992, 2008-2009
Current Member

Mitch Medigovich   -   Phoenix
AAMB 1993
Current Member

Jeff Wemmer   -   Tucson
AAMB 1994

Ray Barreras   -   Tucson
AAMB 1995

Jon Laird   -   Phoenix
AAMB 1996
Charter Member

Neil Fendly   -   Phoenix
AAMB 1997

Brad Gephardt   -   Tucson
AAMB 1998
Current Member

Jim Kenny   -   Tucson
AAMB 1999
Current Member

Linda Wright   -   Phoenix
AAMB 2000
Current Member

Randy Howell   -   Phoenix
AAMB 2001
Current Member

Carolyn Drake   -   Phoenix
AAMB 2002

Rocke Andrews   -   Tucson
AAMB 2003
Current Member

Bill Howe   -   Phoenix
AAMB 2004-2005
(18 mo. term ending 6/2005)
Current Member

Jody Davis   -   Phoenix
AAMB 2005-2006
(July - June)
Current Member

Jerry Craig Sr.   -   Phoenix
AAMB 2006-2007

Stan Lund   -   Phoenix
AAMB 2007-2008

Mark Trongziger   -   Tucson
AAMB/AzAMP 2009-2010

Dan Huss   -   Phoenix
AzAMP 2010-2011
Current Member

Paul Klimke   -   Phoenix
AzAMP 2011-2012
Current Member

Tina Rose    -   Phoenix
AzAMP 2012-2013
Current Member

Aaron VanTrojen   -   Phoenix
AzAMP 2013-2014

Lisa Lund   -   Phoenix
AzAMP 2014-2015
Current Member

Joseph Ashton - Phoenix
AzAMP 2015-2016
Current Member

Matt Oliver - Phoenix
AzAMP 2016-2017
Current Member

Ernest Jones
AzAMP 2017 - 2019
State President

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